HAT City

At the corner of Valley and Forest streets, in the shadow of Our Lady of the Valley Church, HAT CITY KITCHEN is a restaurant in an old building with an awesome vibe. Rated a 3 star restaurant, HCK is also a live music venue with entertainment several nights a week, offering open mic jams, blues jams and presenting national, regional and local musicians, bands and artists.


"Our emphasis is on quality and integrity. We offer American Comfort foods with an influence from New Orleans. By focusing on a simple menu, we have the ability to perfect an artisanal process, creating the best food imaginable. We have created an experience that has broad appeal to families, foodies and critical Epicureans at an affordable price."

All profits from Hat City Kitchen go to support the revitalization of the Valley neighborhood.

True to Orange's history as a small city where culture and commerce meet in the street, Hat City Kitchen is a happy collaboration of art, urban planning, food and music, playing for the neighbors late into the night.


HANDS Inc .a local nonprofit, has led the planning and revitalization work in the Valley. Once a Vision was established to create an Arts District, HANDS set out to redevelop enough real estate to create 100 Arts Spaces -studios, live/work lofts, galleries, performance spaces, design workshops and program spaces- that will remain affordable for the long term, protecting the arts tenants against economic displacement as property values rise.


Spend five minutes at Hat City Kitchen and it's easy to see why people talk. Here's what some people have said about our food music and drink and why people love us!

Hat City

Hat City Kitchen takes its name from this area's illustrious past when it was considered the hat making capital of the world. The building that houses Hat City Kitchen is owned by HANDS and is one of those 100 Arts Spaces.